Indonesian Presidential Candidates are to Contend in the Second Round of the Presidential Debate

JAKARTA, PINUSPRESS – Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto are going to contend in the second round of the Presidential Election Debate on Sunday (17/2/2019). The debate in which the two presidential candidates will fight for the sympathy of the citizens of Indonesia for the upcoming Presidential Election in Hotel Sultan, Senayan, Jakarta. In contrary to the first round of the debate, the second round of the debate will exclude the two vice-presidential candidates, Ma’ruf Amin and Sandiaga Uno.

The second round of the debate will test both of the presidential candidates regarding issues of energy, food, natural resources and the environment.

Other than the exclusion of the vice-presidential candidates, there are also technical differences in the second round of the debate. The General Election Commission of Indonesia will introduce an ‘exploratory’ debate mechanism in the fourth segment of the debate. “As approved, the first, second and third segments will be similar to those of the first round, with questions read by the moderator. However, the fourth segment will be a ‘free’ debate, which will not be limited to one or two minutes,” said Arief Budiman, the Chairman of the General Election Commission.

The ‘exploratory’ debate segment starts with a 30-seconds long video about one of the four themes, which will be randomly chosen. After that, the two presidential candidates are to respond to the video and ask questions to one another within the time limit set by the moderator. In this mechanism, the moderator will be responsible to keep the dominance of one party off. The ‘exploratory’ debate segment will be followed by the fifth segment, in which each candidate can ask questions to the other candidate, and the sixth segment, which is the concluding segment of the debate.

The other technical difference in this round being the absence of question grids unlike the first round. The decision was made to make sure authentic performance of both candidates in the debate.

The General Election Commission had ensured the secrecy of the debate questions which are to be asked in the second round of the debate.

Written by: Nathanael Septianto


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