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1. Liga PPIS
Due to lack of sign-ups, PINUS will not be sending any representatives to InLeague this time around. Stay tuned for future PPIS events. ​

Hello PINUSian! Malam minggu tuh buat pacaran, tapi kalo gk punya pacar gimana???
Gampang ladies n gentlemen, join us di NOBAR yukk!
Nonton film ”5cm”, bareng temen Pinus sambil makan makan lohhh!! Siapa tahu ntar dapet gebetan disini ;3

PINUS NoBar hari Sabtu, dimulai dari jam 6 sampai 9 malam! Oh, jangan lupa bawa snack tambahan untuk nge-ramein! Pokoknya dateng ya! Gak ada lu, ga rame!
P.S. No registration is needed, so just come down and join us for fun times

3. PINUS Feedback Form
For general / event specific feedbacks to the PINUS leadership.

4. PINUS Library Database
PINUS LIBRARY is a platform for fellow PINUSians to borrow or lend books. Regarding this, we need to establish a database of books to be lent and their respective owners. We highly appreciate your contribution in the establishment of PINUS LIBRARY DATABASE which can be done by filling this form:

5. Indonesia startup insights 2018 [KinerjaBisa]
Sign up for free passes (limited supply) to the event has been closed. If you’re keen to go still, please get your tickets at the below link:

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