Former Jakarta Governor Released From Prison

JAKARTA, PINUS PRESS – Former Jakarta governor was released from Mako Brimob Prison on Thursday, 24 January 2018. Basuki Tjahaya Purnama, also known as ‘Ahok’ was released after serving 20-month sentence for the crime of blasphemy. He was released four months earlier than due for good behavior.

Ahok, who is now preferred to be called ‘BTP’ was picked up by his oldest son, Nicholas Sean Purnama. He was quite active in the public eye, as many of his activities afterwards can be seen in both his Instagram account and his new Youtube channel, which are ran by his team.

“Now that he (BTP) has completed his responsibilities, please give him the same right as everyone else as an Indonesian,” told Djarot on BTP’s release. He then continued that BTP will first go back to Belitung to visit his late mother’s grave, and then go to Japan for holiday with family. Djarot wishes that the media and people of Indonesia would give his former partner a rest.

Reportedly, BTP will be hosting a television talk-show in the near future, although what is it about and where it will air is still unknown. Along with his new Youtube channel, it seems that BTP intends to have a more active role with the public as an influencer.

It is still unclear whether BTP will jump into politics, despite his former partner’s run for presidency this coming April. However, his supporters are still asking him to continue serving the country in any way possible.

Written by: Willy Gunardi


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