Jakarta MRT Prepares For Trial Run

Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit (Jakarta MRT), currently under construction, is preparing for its trial run on March 12, if everything goes smoothly. The trial run will be available to members of the public after they have registered themselves on its website. The trial run will be succeeded by the commercial run, planned for the fourth week of March.

As the construction of the first phase of Jakarta MRT is nearing completion, PT MRT Jakarta, the company operating the system, launches ‘Kartu Jelajah’, an electronic money card planned to be use on its system. This card is similar to the one issued by PT Commuter Line Indonesia operating the Greater Jakarta Commuter Line system.

The first phase of the MRT system will connect Hotel Indonesia Roundabout (Bundaran HI) in Central Jakarta to Lebak Bulus Station in South Jakarta, with a length of 15.7 km with 13 stations, both elevated and underground.

On Wednesday, 30 January 2019, the MRT began to operate six trains to check the integration of the system. The trains took 30 minutes to travel the first phase of the MRT.

The construction of the second phase, connecting the Kota Station in West Jakarta to the Bundaran HI stop, meanwhile, is postponed due to land-use issues as the State Secretariat has yet issued a land-use permit for Medan Merdeka near the Presidential Palace area.

Written by: Sherine Angelina

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